Frequently asked questions

Before you book

Can we bring our children?

Yes. The campervan is ideal for family holidays and children will love sleeping in the high-level bed.

is there a minimum hire period?

We’re flexible but you’ll need at least three days to get the most out of it

Can we bring our pets?

Generally no, because we have to consider the allergies of future hirers.  But call us for a chat.

Can we book flexible days?

Yes, if the van is available. See Availability.

Arrival and departure

How old must the drivers be, Are There any Restrictions?

Over 25 with two years’ driving experience, and under 70 (ask us if you are older)
No driving disqualifications
Not more than one motoring accident or claims in the past three years
No motoring prosecutions pending

What paperwork should we bring with us?

Driving licences for all drivers0
Two proofs of address within the past three months – eg a phone or utility bill, local authority letter, NHS letter, council tax info

What should we pack?

Documents for insurance. See “What paperwork should we bring with us?” above
Clothes, waterproofs and boots
Your food and drink. We can provide a grocery pack – see What’s Extra
We provide bedding and kitchen essentials. See What’s Included
The van has sockets to charge your electricals
 It also has lighting and heating

Can we park our car in Edinburgh?

We can’t provide free parking right here, but there is free parking a few streets away. We can advise on the best areas. There’s no problem with that, but if you prefer, the nearest paid-for multi-storey car park charges £22 a day (2021 rate).

Do the drivers need a special licence?

No, just an ordinary car driver’s licence

How long does it take to pick up and return the campervan?

Allow an hour for us to show you round all the clever things it can do and to:
– check the paperwork.
– inspect for existing damage

Allow half an hour to return it. We need to do this face to face; unfortunately, you can’t just drop off the keys without prior arrangement.

Driving the VW campervan

Can you pick us up?

We are only a ten-minute walk from Waverley train station, the tram terminus and the bus station, but can pick you up if needed.
We can also pick you up from Edinburgh Airport for a fee.
Give us a call on 0131 556 3255 and we can work out the best plan.

Do we have to return the car clean?

Yes. You need to clean the interior and kitchen equipment.
We’ll deal with the outside and the bedding.
We’ll charge £50 if it needs extra cleaning afterwards.

Is the campervan scarily big to drive and difficult to park?

No, you’ll feel higher up than normal, but it drives and handles like a car.
It has manual gears.
It is easy to park with the helpful parking sensors.

What do we do about fuel?

It takes petrol.
We’ll note the amount of fuel when you pick it up and will ask you to bring it back at the same level.
We’ll charge £25 plus the cost of petrol if you bring it back short.

What happens if we break down?

It has full breakdown cover. You will be rescued.
If it is a small thing, please call us on 0131 556 3255. Sometimes you can pay for it and we’ll reimburse you.

Is there a toilet on board?

No. It’s not that kind of van. We do provide a little spade and a Bog In A Bag .

Does the campervan have a sat nav?

No, sorry

Is it Economical with fuel?

It does about 450 miles on a tank of petrol

What’s in the VW campervan

How much space is there in the campervan for our luggage and food storage?

There is a 52 litre fridge with a small freezer compartment
Lots of cupboards
Space under the seats for bedding
Lots of boot space that will take three or four suitcases
Lots of floor room in front of the rear seats

Is there a limit on the mileage we can do?

No.  Go for it.

Can we cook outside? 

Yes. That’s what we prefer to do. We provide a small butane stove just for that.

How does the leisure battery work?

The battery for the lights and fridge is charged as you drive. There’s an indicator that shows you how much power is left.

Will we be able to charge our mobile phones?

Yes. It has loads of plug and USB sockets that work if the engine is on or off. 

Do you have baby/child seats and do the seats have ISOFIX?

No child seats or ISOFIX, sorry, but the back seats have substantial safety-tested belts. The airbags in the front can be turned off.

Do you provide instructions about the campervan?

You bet – videos and everything. And we are always at the end of a phone: 0131 556 3255. If in doubt, check the videos on our Video page.

Travelling in Scotland

Are we allowed to smoke or Vape in the campervan?

No, sorry.  

Would it be too cold to stay in the campervan in the winter?

No, it has a brilliant heating system that works without the engine. You could keep it on all night if you wanted, although normally you shouldn’t have to – it’s very cosy.

What weather can we expect?

All sorts, but often very changeable. A wet day can suddenly turn into a lovely one. Sometimes it’s nice to sit in a cosy heated van with the kettle on and watch the weather rage over the sea.

Will we always be able to find a petrol station?

They get a bit far apart the further north you go. You need to plan a bit. But the the van has a big tank.

Is it complicated to set up the bed?

No. The downstairs bed flips open. Just pull down the upstairs bed. We’ll show you how, but check out our Video page for a demonstration.

What is the Campervan and Caravanning Club?

The van is a member of campsites all over Scotland. We’ll give a you a book that lists them. More details here: Campervan and Caravanning Club 

Do you have any recommended routes?

Yes. Let us know what you want. Lots of people like the North Coast 500
We like the Isle of Mull – just as nice as Skye and much quieter. See our Where To Go page.

Can we take the campervan on a ferry?

Yes. It costs the same as a car. You can book it in as ‘VW Transporter SWB’ 
Ferries –
Some routes get busy in the summer so plan ahead.

Will there be midges?

Midges are sometimes around from June to September. But often you won’t meet any at all.
They usually only come out in windless weather in the early morning and at dusk.
You can walk faster than they can fly.
If you camp near the sea and wear light colours helps.
We can provide some repellent and some daft-looking head nets (see What’s Extra).
With any luck you’ll be one of the folk they just ignore.

Can we camp anywhere in Scotland?

Wild camping is permitted in most places unless there is a sign,
see here  for the rules  We’ll give you lots of links to websites that recommend good spots. See Where to Go.


How does the vehicle insurance work?

The insurance is included in the price for two drivers.
Drivers need to be over 25, have had a licence for two years and be under 71. If you are over 71 we can talk to our insurers. (These are their rules not ours.)
Our insurers will not let us rent to jockeys, or to people employed in gambling or entertainment industries.
The van is insured not you.
See Terms and Conditions for full details.
We’ll need to see your Licence and ID and take a deposit.
We recommend you take out ordinary travel insurance to cover your health, your belongings and your travel to Edinburgh.
The van also has breakdown cover.

Does your vehicle insurance cover personal belongings and injury?

No, it only covers the van. We recommend you take out travel insurance to cover your health, your belongings and your journey to Edinburgh.

Are there any hidden charges?

When you are comparing our prices with other companies, you’ll see loads of extra costs. You could find yourself being charged for anything from insurance to table hire – and the costs can quickly mount up. We’d rather be straight with you and have done our best to be transparent. We include bedding, vehicle insurance and a lot more besides. For a complete list of what you get from us, check out our What’s Included page. We only charge for the bike rack or awning/tent, see our What’s Extra page.

Should we take out travel insurance?

Yes. The same as you would do on any holiday.

Do we pay a booking fee, a deposit or a security fee? 

Yes. We take a £500 deposit to secure the hire. You will get this deposit back one week after you have returned the van to us undamaged.

Is there a charge for an additional driver?

Two drivers are included in the price please contact us if you want more than two drivers.

Any other questions? Send us an email